Service Introduction

Build your global e-commerce business from 0 immediately , no need to purchase goods or experience

Services we provide

Upgrading and Transformation of Existing E-commerce

E-commerce consulting service

Value and Positioning View

Review existing projects and related operating conditions to understand current problems, existing items and policies that can be developed and further improved

Layout of development strategies

After understanding the problem and niche, set out to develop a strategic direction and execution plan

Execution and utility optimization

Check the results of the execution, and make corrections and adjustments to the necessary parts to optimize the program

Start a new global business

E-commerce website construction

Cross-border e-commerce agency, global brand promotion


▸ Precise layout of European and American markets

▸ Professional team to build your global online store

▸ Take the brand to the world

Let the world see your brand

Brand Promotion

Build your international e-commerce website


▸ Professional team complete store website design

▸ UXUI Planning

▸ Brand Logo Design

Local teams communicate international content

Content creation

Content Production and Marketing


▸ Create a brand Facebook & Instagram page

▸ Smooth communication in local language, global and localized promotion of products overseas, breaking through language barriers

▸ Google search, Youtube and other international platform marketing promotion

Smart selection of big data

Provide hot sales

Choose from thousands of commodity sources

astonishing range of merchandise

▸ Out of stock: We provide smart search for hot-selling products
▸ Own products: Analysis and planning of existing brand positioning

Free stock direct delivery to buyers

Cross-border e-commerce logistics

Cross-border e-commerce logistics, automatic shipment


▸ Concatenated with professional application software, Email automation, 24-hour tracking marketing

▸ Efficient and convenient application software, intuitive interface, easy to operate
▸ Direct shipment from suppliers, no need to purchase and stock

Baby Mello

Warm, healthy and natural maternal and child products, add points for the most secure and unburdened sweet parent-child relationship for users

For the baby at home to manage the relationship, add cute and interesting supplies, light up the good mood every day

A good partner in home life, whether it is convenient for life or decoration tools, everything is available!

 About Shopify

The fast-rising e-commerce platform in the United States in recent years has a very high degree of software support and operational convenience, making it the first choice for opening a store.

Why Shopify 1

Affordable platform rental fee

Why Shopify 2

Easily connect logistics, goods directly to consumers

Why Shopify 3

Powerful and easy-to-use operating system

Why Shopify 4

No touch code required

Why Shopify 5

The universal cash flow system

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One system, many flexible options

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  • 款全球熱賣商品供應
  • 1 款產品 video 廣告、行銷文案、內容特制
  • 完整跨境網路商店建置
  • 完整營銷後台與物流系統





  • 10 款全球熱賣商品供應
  • 3 款產品 video 廣告、行銷文案、內容特制
  • 完整跨境網路商店建置
  • 完整營銷後台與物流系統
  • Facebook &  Instagram 廣告推播
  • 線上 Live chat





  • 20 款全球熱賣商品供應
  • 5 款產品 video 廣告、行銷文案、內容特制
  • 完整營銷後台與物流系統
  • Facebook &  Instagram 廣告推播
  • Email 自動化行銷佈局
  • 線上 Live chat





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  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen





Simple, fast and just for you

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Exclusive help

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